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Getting Support for your Child with ADHD

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

When raising children with ADHD, there are many challenges unique to these parents. Consider the suggestions below for help.

Professional and Personal Emotional Support

We can’t do everything alone and we are not alone! There’s absolutely no shame in finding professional support. In fact, it is necessary. A support group or therapist can help with your mental health and reduce stress and anxiety. You are not alone in the challenges around raising a child with ADHD. There are people who build their lives and careers around ways to help you. If you have never tried a virtual support group, you are missing a wonderful resource!

Behavior Management Therapy

Behavior management therapy can work! It seeks to reinforce and reward good behavior while acknowledging and diminishing the behaviours that are not serving you or your kids well. Parents and kids struggle at times to know the difference. If you and your kids are arguing in circles and need a change. This might be a good place to start.

Professional Help in Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

If you had to give yourself a grade for how healthy your lifestyle is right now, what would it be? Consider writing that grade down and then ask yourself what you are doing right? After jotting down your thoughts about what is good (and giving yourself a pat on the back), jot down some things that might be missing. Who could support you there? Do you need a doctor, a weight trainer, therapist, nutritionist? Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is about progress, not perfection. Isn’t the best way to get your kids to follow a healthy lifestyle and to advocate for themselves to model it?

Executive Function Support

Parents of kids with lagging executive function skills often have some challenges themselves. Right? There are so many wonderful options available for support here. Executive function coaching is the most powerful tool I know to tap into your brain to discover what you need and how to find it. If you have not tried coaching, I can’t recommend it more highly.

Simplifying Your Child’s Life

A cluttered life creates a cluttered mind. Do you follow any professional organizers on Instagram? What about virtual assistants or people who specialize in calendaring and keeping up with agendas. Ever heard, “if you don’t own your agenda, your agenda will own you?” There are people who can help you simplify and own your agenda!

Bonus tip - Use social media to find any resource you need for support. You can search Instagram and Tiktok!

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