Meet Jennifer Giles

My Vision

Those of us with ADHD need support.  Join me to hear more about how I may support you through: 

  • Personal Coaching 

  • ADDA Virtual Parent Support

  • Play Better Book Club

  • Keeping My Time program


I have accumulated tools to support those lagging skills that those of us with ADHD struggle with daily, such as:

  • Social Skills

  • Time Management

  • Organization

  • Emotional Regulation

  • Metacognition

  • Collaborative Problem Solving


As an ADHD’er, a believer, and a mom, I have tried to reconcile my own executive function challenges with what God promises.  If the fruit of the Holy Spirit is self-control, what does that mean for me and others who struggle with emotional regulation and impulsivity? ADHD is not a deficit of attention. It is a deficit of emotional regulation and interest. Endurance and perseverance are not our strengths.  Yet, scripture tells us to “run” with perseverance. Okay, but how? 

By “fixing our eyes on Jesus,” we confidently run because we can believe God’s promise that he will provide what we need for perseverance toward His purposes for us.  I believe that coaching is one powerful, God-given resource for those with ADHD challenges.  I have experienced it personally and would be honored by the opportunity to provide it to you.  The first consultation is always free and will give us the chance to meet, discuss your needs around ADHD (as a parent, child, teacher, or young adult), and hear more about how coaching works.